Wednesday, July 8, 2020

About Me, My Channel & What You Can Expect

Hello, thank you for watching my YouTube channel and even more so for taking it a step further and coming over to my blog. Since you are here I will fill you in on a few things. I have broken it up into sections with headlines so if you are looking for details about any specific thing feel free to scroll to whatever it is you are looking for. Again, thank you x10 for any support you have shown, and please take a minute to subscribe to the blog, my social media, and of course, the Channel so you can be made aware of all the exciting content I have on tap for you.

What is the Purpose of this Channel?

This channel is meant to be a place for me to share my experiences around the beautiful state of Colorado (and I am sure other places once travel is not so difficult). 

There are several series in the works for my channel. 
  • Colorado OneWheel Trail Series (there are several of these on the channel now)
  • OneWheel and Snowboard Product Reviews
  • Snowboard Resort Reports and Run Reviews
  • OneWheel Tips and Tricks/How-To Videos
  • Snowboard Tips and Trick/How-To Videos
  • Other Interesting Electric Vehicle Testing and Reviews

What I Promise

For as long as I am able I will put up a new video at least once a week, if not more frequently. I will adjust according to the season and what is available to me, as in Snowboarding in the Winter and OneWheel and MTB in the summer. If you have ideas, trails I should try, or tips/reviews you would like to see please reach out. I make this content because I love doing this stuff, but I also want it to be entertaining. So, I will continue to strive to improve my videos with each one. I will accomplish this by doing such things as adding more high-quality content, growing my skills as a film-maker and editor, and improving my gear.

About Me

My name is John Nye. I am 40 years old and live in Colorado with my girlfriend. I also have 3 children with my ex-wife. It is pretty rare that they are in my videos, but as I expand to more in-depth content and vlogs of mountain days, etc. you will see at least Andrea (my GF) and Vera, my youngest (6 at the time of this update). The other two kids may come along, but do not seem to be at all interested in snowboarding, mountain biking or the Onewheel. While Vera, on the other hand, has already been on the mountain snowboarding with me several times. 

I am not a Colorado native, I have lived in a lot of places, but I will never leave Colorado, it is home. I was born in California, and before I was 18 I had also lived in Michigan, several places in Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska. My father was not military, as most people guess, he was an executive for a national company and was moved to various locations for a few years at a time. I enjoyed the fresh start every few years, it allowed me to get a really good grasp on myself and what I enjoyed, rather than getting wrapped up in whatever my friends at the time were into. 

I am a hacker (penetration tester) by day for a consulting firm. I take advantage of my 4x10 and work-from-home schedule to get out and ride/float at least once a week and I am excited to bring you all along with me as often as possible. I have a passion for security as well as going sideways (snowboarding and onewheeling) but I speak and write about hacking and penetration testing at least 40 hours a week. This space is my place to talk about other passions in my life. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy this content and please subscribe so you can see the latest and greatest in what I can do for you.

Thank you,
John Nye

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About Me, My Channel & What You Can Expect

Hello, thank you for watching my YouTube channel and even more so for taking it a step further and coming over to my blog. Since you are her...